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Do you have a want to?

Good Morning,

Do you have a want to?

Many of us are goal driven people that live much of life with a high level of intentionality –we are motivated and focused.  It’s interesting that for the most part in our professional lives this seems to come quite naturally. In fact, the bigger issue is that we are often so driven that we miss much of what is going on right around us.

What is also interesting is that when it comes to desiring spiritual maturation and a pursuit of Godly transformation many of these same people seem to flounder.  Sometimes the problem isn’t that we don’t know what we need to do in this area of our life; the problem is that we lack the focus, motivation and drive to do something about it.

I once heard a message from a severely physically handicapped man who was bound and determined to learn to ride a bicycle, even though walking was a great challenge.  He got on and fell off, got on and fell off over and over and over again. At one point he said he looked at that bicycle and talked directly to it saying “You are not going to beat me.  I will ride you, yes I will ride you”. And ride it he did, though bruised and bloodied he would not quit. In explanation of what kept him from giving up he said simply, “You gotta have a want to”.  His “want to” was so strong that no amount of pain or inconvenience or difficulty was going to keep him from riding that bicycle.

Perhaps for you the place to start in your spiritual maturation does not lie in going to a seminar or reading a book or listening to a motivational talk.  It might be the simple prayer, “Lord, give me a want to”. I believe that God can provide not only the solutions to the issues we face, and the strength and wisdom we need, but can start by providing the “want to” to begin to pursue Him with great passion.

So, do you have a want to?

Live this week on purpose,

Ron Klopfenstein

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  1. I am a mother and this helped me!

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